Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are contracts designed for clients who need ongoing consulting and technical support services. In return for purchasing support hours in advance, the client receives a reduced hourly rate for technical support service. Because SLA clients utilize many different services each month, there is an immediate cost savings

Preventative Maintenance & Notifications
Power 1 will continually monitor your network to ensure that your business operations are running at peak efficiency and utilizing the full capacity of your network infrastructure. We can perform regular maintenance on your servers and backup systems. Additionally, we will send renewal notices to you regarding software updates and licensing agreement explorations.

Dedicated Technician
To help expedite problem resolution and identify potential areas of concern, a technician is assigned specifically to your account.

Comprehensive Documentation
You have access to service tickets and project information through the Power 1, Help Desk website allowing you to know the status of any pending work requests.

Service Priority
SLA clients are guaranteed a one-hour response time for emergency situations and receive service priority for non-emergencies.

Flexible Hours
If during one month a company does not use all the prepaid service hours, it is able to carry the extras over into the next month.

SLAs provide an organization with continuous technical support at a discounted price.

Contact Power 1 to discuss how a service level agreement will benefit you.