We offer in-house and on-site service and repair (both commercial and residential) of computers and peripherals. Our technicians access problems remotely, on-site, or over the phone and determine the best course of action for resolution. If repairs to hardware are necessary, we have a lab facility allowing the technicians to solve most problems quickly and efficiently. If equipment is determined to be non-repairable, our technicians will work closely with our Business Development Department to get competitive pricing and order a replacement part in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In addition to repair services, Power 1 provides Procurement and Return Merchandise Services to our clients. We are able to handle everything, from equipment consultation, competitive pricing, and order tracking to delivery and installation of equipment. Our Business Development Team has established excellent rapport with top vendors in the field allowing us specialty pricing unavailable to the average consumer. Furthermore, our extensive product knowledge allows us to suggest solutions that may be unfamiliar to the general public but highly renowned within the industry, giving our clients even more value for their money.

Using Power 1, Procurement Services means that clients no longer need to waste their precious time competitively price matching companies for the lowest costs or following up with placed orders. We handle all of that; plus, we continually communicate the progress of orders so that there are no surprises of when to expect delivery or installation of goods.

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