spam_shutterstock_18527440SPAM and viruses are more than just an annoyance; they can cause serious damage to your network and data and potentially send out personal information to identity thieves and other unscrupulous organizations. Be proactive and let Power 1 provide you with SPAM and virus filtering services.

Filter programs can automatically block, quarantine, or delete some or most SPAM and viruses depending on the situation. Email Security, a SPAM and virus scanning system, works by “scrubbing” your email before it gets to your mail servers. Once the email is filtered, we then send it to your mail server, and then to your inbox.

Filtering Features

End User Authority

On occasion, some email can be tagged as SPAM when it really is not. There is no need to worry as we will store the email on our system for up to 30 days and filter it in a SPAM folder, allowing the end user to be the ultimate authority in determining SPAM. To summarize, this means no more SPAM will get into your inbox, but if a message accidentally gets tagged as SPAM, it will be sitting in a web system for you to review and confirm it SPAM or RESCUE.

Individual Spam Controls

The largest advantage of Email Security is that it is not a “one size fits all” solution. Not only can you choose from four preset levels of protection, but you can completely customize the filters to suit your needs. You also have the ability to manage your own whitelist (list of addresses exempt from spam checking) to ensure that important emails don’t end up in your SPAM quarantine. Server Space Saver Email Security can completely eliminate emails that are of high probability of being SPAM (99.999%) from going to your mail server at all, thus, keeping your server space available. System Flexibility Email Security works with any existing email system. All you need is your own domain name. Pricing Only $10.00 for each Email Security Filtered Account. Spam/virus filtering appliance also available for purchase.

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