Cloud Computing, Funny Devices And Cloud DesignOff-site data backup is the strategy for storing important data out of a main location as part of a disaster recovery plan. While some organizations choose to manage and store their own off-site backup information, many opt to go with third party vendors who specialize in this type of protection. Power 1 has developed a sophisticated backup strategy which offers clients secure, automated off-site data backup at a reasonable price.

Our backup strategy offers our clients many great features. Backup is performed automatically every day without requiring human effort. If needed, any restoration operation can be completed with just a few clicks. Our software supports all leading operating systems and can be setup to backup entire Microsoft® Exchange Servers as well as individual mailboxes in Outlook or Outlook Express.

We have continuous data protection, which means we capture every version of a file that has been saved on your hard drive. Even if you work all day without manually backing up your data and your hard drive crashes, the last saved copy of your working files will be intact on the backup server. Furthermore, we require that a client only backs up the bulk of their information once. After the initial download of information to our backup servers, our software recognizes only the changes to data and saves the new information so that previously backed up data is synchronized with live data. This is an ideal feature for businesses that have frequent changes to their critical data such as financial institutions or design firms. Our clients also have access to a user friendly interface that allows them to handle backup/restore functions as well as complete administration tasks easily within a few steps. Plus, clients stay informed with complete logs of activity via email reporting.

Power 1 understands that proper backup of information is vital should a restoration ever be necessary. Our robust off-site data backup will give you the confidence of knowing that your business-critical information is safe.

Learn more about our off-site data backup and find out how it can help you, contact us today.